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Lab Created 1.82 Carat Pear Diamond

  • G Color
  • VVS2 Clarity
Location United States

Diamond will be dispatch by

Wednesday 27 of October 2021

Product Name Lab Created 1.82 Carat Pear Diamond
Shape Pear
Color G
Carat 1.82
Clarity VVS2
Table 61.5
Depth 59
Symmetry VERY GOOD
Measurements 11.17-6.83X4.03
Girdle Thin Slightly Thick
Girdle Thick Medium
Girdle Condition Faceted
Culet Condition Pointed
Stock Num SLD41-21
Length/Width(mm) 11.17-6.83
Length/Width Ratio 1.64
Fluorescence Intensity NONE
Pavilion Depth 42
Crown Height 12.5
Crown Angle 33
Pavilion Angle 39.9
Diamond Status Available