Our story

Solitaire Lab Diamond is one of the best leading companies of Lab Grown Diamonds. We are a family-owned diamond business. We offer consumers a beautiful, ethical, and affordable diamond. We have a team of experts for creating elegant diamonds with attractive shapes based on customer's vision and styles. Choose the lab grown diamonds from our exclusive collection.


About Solitaire Lab Diamond

Diamonds are rare and one of the precious gifts of Mother Nature. Solitaire lab diamonds have established trust and served customers worldwide with high-quality diamonds. Our experts make the perfect Shiny diamond for you. Expressing your love shouldn't have to cost a fortune. We will be there with you every step of the way to educate you on how to build the perfect ring for your loved one.

Plan ideas and goals

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    In case of technology for diamonds, Solitaire Lab Diamond import diamond equipment from numerous parts of the world and consumers with the newest technologies so that the machinery they need can be upgraded. Solitaire Lab Diamond procure various features from different countries as each nation is a specialist in each component to provide our customers with the best diamond machinery.

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    Solitaire Lab Diamond

    We are a family-owned diamond business. Solitaire Lab Diamond is one of the leading gems cutters and importers in India and fine gem designers in India.

    Our offices have been opened to private clients to provide direct access to an excellent range of diamonds and an exclusive array of more than 2,500 styles, which are typically only accessible to the top wholesalers and retailers globally. Much of this is available for wholesalers buying at the same amount.

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    Conflict Free

    We are conducted with the notion that it is enjoyable to purchase diamonds. This is a unique and stunning investment, and Solitaire Lab Diamond is here to help you pick the best diamond at the right price.

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    Eco Friendly

    We work Eco-friendly i.e. Solitaire Lab Diamond first assess the nature and the weight of a consumer and then give a full variety of solutions. Looking at loose diamonds is incredibly necessary. The color of a setting can influence the diamond color, and a set may mask inclusions that you can see only when you are loose. Of course, if it has an environment, there is no way to decide proper diamond carat weight correctly.