About CVD Diamond

About CVD Diamond

What is a CVD Diamond?

CVD diamond is a lab made diamond which created by a process called Chemical vapor Deposition. This method is primarily used for large stones. CVD diamonds are also know as Man made diamonds or Synthetic diamonds.

How CVD diamond create?

CVD diamond grown from a thin slice of a diamond seed. A thin diamond seed is placed inside of a sealed chamber. This process uses ultra-pure-rich carben gases. Then, with lasers or microwaves, those gases are ionized to molecularly bond the carbon to the seed. After carbon builds up, carbon atoms that accumulate on the crystal and form a diamond. It's a completely identical to a natural diamond.

CVD diamonds and Natural diamonds share the same physical, atomical and chemical properties as their mined counterparts. They also look exactly the same as natural diamonds and are equally as beautiful. Both display the same fire and brilliance when cut as a stone. The only difference between them is one created in lab and the other naturally mined.

Identify CVD Diamond

You can't identify a CVD diamond just looking at it. Without proper tools even jewelers can't differentiate between CVD and Natural diamond. Using some indicators in lab it can be identify whether it's lab grown or natural diamond.

Cost of CVD Diamond

CVD diamonds are less expensive compared to natural diamond. Because they are easily available compared to mined diamond and extremely valuable. Their low cost fulfill consumers desire for larger carat and dazzling Diamond.

If you want to choose or buy CVD diamond, you can go for it. They are less expensive and eco-friendly compared to natural diamond. Both, diamonds are real diamond. If you have any quetions or want more guidance, we're always ready to help you.