How to choose and buy best Lab Grown Diamonds in nyc at best price?

How to choose and buy best Lab Grown Diamonds in nyc at best price?

Buying a Lab Grown diamond makes you confusing sometimes. Here, 1 carat diamond price is different, but both have the same size yet different costs. The Left side Princess cut diamond Price is $1300 and the right side diamond price is $1,400. Because they have different Color, Clarity, and Cut.

                      1 carat Princess cut Lab Grown diamond


1 Carat Princess cut Diamond


Here, We will guide you in buying a diamond.


1) First, Set your budget and Identify the shape you desire to buy.
Diamonds are a symbol of commitment, it doesn't measure how much you are spending. Never pressure yourself into spending more than your comfortable budget.

The most popular cut is Radiant cut and princess cut. If you know your partner's choice then go with that.


2) Is the brand or diamond quality important?

Customers believe that buying a lab grown diamond of significantly better quality and size under the same budget is more important than pursuing a brand.

Although the brand has its inherent advantages, in fact, the value of diamonds (including the ability to maintain value) is almost only affected by the grade on the GIA certificate.

Price will vary on where you choose to buy a diamond. If you buy a diamond online then its price is less compared to the stores. When a customer wishes to sell or recycle diamonds in the future, the reclaimed price will be close to the same based on the same grade. If some brands of diamonds do not even have a GIA certificate, they must be sold at a very low price for resale.


3) Quality - We all know that diamonds 4c's are the most important factor: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. If you want to fit lab grown diamond in your budget then you have to know the relation between the Carat, and (Color, Cut, Clarity). They both are vice versa.

If the Lab Grown Diamond has a high cut, color, clarity with a high carat then the price is high and if you choose the low carat with the same cut, color, clarity then the price is low. Below, you can select the 4c's and vary the price.


Lab Gown Diamond | Solitaire Lab Diamond


 Lab Grown Diamond


Here, You can see the price will vary on its characteristics and you can easily find a perfect Lab Grown Diamond which fits your budget.


4) Certification - This is the most important step if you spend more than $1,000 on a Lab Grown Diamond. The GIA Certificate will give you peace of mind that you get the right diamond.


5) Still you are not deciding then other options that are available to you:
Email, or call 1-551-229-6452 to speak to a diamond consultant.
Request a diamond price quote, telling us exactly what you are looking for. We will respond with options that best fit your criteria.