Trillion Cut or Trilliant cut Diamond Buying Guide

Trillion Cut or Trilliant cut Diamond Buying Guide


trilliant cut diamond


A Trillion cut diamond are triangle shaped stones (also called "trilliant" or "trillion). It's a bright and lively cut. They are cut with either straight sides or curved sides. A trilliant cut diamond will have three sides of equal length, with a flat table at its surface.
Usually, trilliant cut diamonds are used as accent stones around the center diamond on piece of jewelry, but they can also be set as the main stone. They are quite rare. A well cut trillion with great fire and brilliance can also hide inclusions fairly well.

History: In 1960s, it was created for the first time in the Netherlands. However, early trillion cut diamonds are believed to have been cut in Amsterdam as long ago as the 19th century. In 1970s, the cut had become popular that the term "trillion" was appllied to any Triangluar cut diamond. Trillion diamonds work well as side stones to accentuate a variety of diamond shapes but can also look spectacular as a solitaire.

Trilliant cut diamond


Features: The Trillion cut is a triangular shape comprised of three equal sides and 31 or 50 facets depending on whether the diamonds are used as solitaires or accent stones. For solitaires, a curved or convex cut is employed, whereas accent stones are cut uncurved or concave. Their unique style has great fire and displays sharp brilliance if the stone is cut to the correct depth.

Trilliant cut diamonds are most often used as side stones to complement larger solitaire stones in engagement rings, although they also make for a perfect solitaire stone themselves considering their unparalleled brilliance and fire.


Price: Trillion cut Diamond price is low compared to other diamonds. The price can vary according to their cut, color, clarity, quality, and carat. Diamond price increase if you want a large diamond with more carat.

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